Not A Reason, But Many.

It started for a reason 

A reason never known by anyone.

Accident? No! Not at all.

Maybe for an unseeking reason

Or an unbearable truth. Who knows?

Maybe it is too late now 

Maybe too late to understand the depth

Cause the soul which lived with those burden of memories 

Has just taken a flight 

The Flight to that world where nobody has ever been.

Yes! He is alive

But what’s the use if his soul had already left.

Few had the power to return that soul 

If anyone would have tried to know the reasons behind his silence ,

The mighty reasons behind escaping from loving someone,

And His screams in that silent graveyard at the darkest Hours when dreams used to pacify everyone.

Maybe they were the only one!

Anyways who cared?

Did anyone even give a damn?

Words which were to be said 

Escaped like a haunting nightmare

Unleashing the burner of his sleep 

And His Heavy soul


The Apocalypse

The dream was never so hard to forget. But this time it was! For Everyone maybe it was just a dream, but for him it was worse than a nightmare cause that was everything he wished which can never be his.

The heart stabbing thoughts,the soulful cries,the torn down love and the unforgetable memories, Every single thing just scattered the fragments of his silence. He wished to narrate everything. Each single moment of that dream which never narrated his reality.

Words pacified his feelings, feelings pacified his memories and his memories broke down in his diary.

That single diary started to cry when each of its pages bled by the flowing blood of his unexplainable memories.

Feelings were never allowed to show up and were always left downtrodden. Memories which were left scattered in minute fragments were too late to glue up and get healed.

He never said and never will, cause He never wished the Apocalypse of their Friendship.


Never knew the consequences.Never knew that going with the flow would result in such strange circumstances where spirits get sealed inside the dark dream while moving through the brightest lane.

Concealed every feeling when he knew it was their friendship which would cost him.

A bitter truth which she would never wish to come across.A strange flow with which they were being apart from each other in each growing moment.

He never wished and she never said about all that was growing between those two best friends.It was none other than “Distance”.

And as he believed that time may heal the worst pain but it grew deeper instead.The pain behind his numb feelings,the pain behind watching tears in those beautiful eyes,the pain behind those worth remembering memories,the pain that he hid from everyone and still does. He was like the dark web with a lot hidden unless you know the correct way to get into it.

He loved her more than anything else but maybe he realized that sometimes we need to let it go. He wished if he really could but maybe he can never do that.

He was Lost and That was what he always CONCEALED.


The Zephyr

Her steps started to jumble
When the leaves began to tremble,

The time always sped
But she made it awaited.

His heart skipped a bit with the flow
And was the happiest when he saw Her glow.

Just a single glance at Her a day,
Made his day the best, in a single way.

It was always a single day in a week,
He wished to be the zephyr kissing her cheek.


HE held my hand and helped me walk

HE held my back

in times whenever something i lack

Fulfilled every wish except one

And now that wish is gone

Wished that he lived forever

But left us in the way from where he can’t come back ever

For the world, HE might be a zero

But for me HE will always be my Hero

And now i am glad

To say that,”He was my DAD.”




P:S- Think yourself to be lucky enough cause some people don’t have the privilege to spend time with their father.